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Quick divorce is relative. Typically in UK divorce law it takes 4 to 5 months from issuing a divorce petition to obtaining the decree absolute. It is decree absolute which dissolves the marriage and enables either former spouse to remarry if they wish.

There is a compulsory delay of six weeks between decree nisi and decree absolute which accounts for some of this time. That six week period can only be abridged in exceptional circumstances such as to enable an expected child to be born in wedlock. Most of the rest of the delay is caused by delay in people returning the necessary paperwork or in waiting for the court to decide if the paperwork is in order and to fix a date for decree nisi. People rarely respond to divorce petitions by return of post and courts do take their time to deal with cases. It is also fair to say that some courts are quicker than others and so the choice of court may be important.

IIn very favourable circumstances a decree absolute may be obtained within about ten weeks of filing a divorce petition but this does require (1) the co-operation of the other spouse and (2) an efficient court. Also, you should bear in mind that if the other spouse wants financial issues formally and finally resolved before decree absolute then that spouse may be able to insist (if the circumstances justify it) that decree absolute should not be applied for until financial matters are resolved. It is therefore never a good idea to make arrangements to remarry unless and until you have the decree absolute. Wanting to remarry is by far the most common reason for wanting a quick divorce. More often than not it is just one spouse who wishes to remarry. The other spouse may well use that to his/her advantage.

A quick divorce does always requires the co-operation of both spouses. Where there is such co-operation there are ways in which the time it takes to obtain a divorce can be shortened significantly. On the other hand, a non-co-operative or hostile spouse can seriously slow down the time it takes to obtain decree absolute. In that respect the worst possible situation for a quick divorce is where the other spouse cannot be found. A divorce petition does usually need to be served on the other spouse and so in those cases where the other spouse cannot be found it is almost impossible to have a quick divorce. Such divorces take time.

The main steps leading to decree absolute are explained elsewhere. Please continue in order to understand the detail. Quick divorce.



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