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This is a UK based forum about divorce and related issues. Feel free to contribute. Your experiences or opinions may help others. The links on the left lead to basic information about most common divorce questions. The information opens in a separate window. You can use the search function to search the forum.
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Topic: Re: iPhone iPad as assests?
Written By: Spidermint - 1 year ago
Forum: UK Divorce Forum
My husband and I agreed to discount all electrical goods (TV etc) because they depreciate so much. I would think it just comes down to splitting it on the grounds of the person wanting to keep an item or not, not becuase of their value. It's worked out that I've got the hi-fi and dvd player, and he has the tv and recorder but it was more for convenience.
Topic: D80 form - Using different name to that on marriage certificate
Written By: Spidermint - 1 year ago
Forum: UK Divorce Forum
Hi there, I'm in the process of divorcing my husband on grounds of unreasonable behaviour. After I got married, I decided to stop using my middle name and use my maiden name as a middle name instead. I don't have a change of name deed form but my current passport has this name, and it's on my bank account. To illustrate - I married John Smith and changed my name from Jo Sarah Bloggs to Jo Bl
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