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This is a UK based forum about divorce and related issues. Feel free to contribute. Your experiences or opinions may help others. The links on the left lead to basic information about most common divorce questions. The information opens in a separate window. You can use the search function to search the forum.
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Topic: Filling out new form A - help
Written By: Pappagallo - 4 weeks ago
Forum: UK Divorce Forum
I am about to start an application for a financial order (form A) and it appears to be quite straight forward, there is just one section on page 2 that confuses me. They are asking you to indicate whether the application includes an application relating to land. But on page one you can already tick the box for a property adjustment order. So what do they mean by "land" is that
Topic: Re: Decree Absolute as respondent
Written By: Pappagallo - 12 months ago
Forum: UK Divorce Forum
probably has good reason for what she is doing Such as ? Not to respond to any form of comms for a year ....what good reasons ? How long can a respondent be expected to wait for a financial disclosure from the petitioner ? At what point can it be considered the petitioner is frustrating the process ? two years ? three years ? five years or maybe ten years ? Surely at some point it must be c
Topic: Re: Decree Absolute as respondent
Written By: Pappagallo - 12 months ago
Forum: UK Divorce Forum
Could he make an application to have the costs for this put on to the petitioner who is frustrating the process and therefore forcing this action ?
Topic: Decree Absolute as respondent
Written By: Pappagallo - 1 year ago
Forum: UK Divorce Forum
My partner is going through a divorce at the moment which is proceeding on the 2 year separation clause. He foolishly agreed to be the respondent when it's really him who wants the divorce and should have been the petitioner. The whole process is now stuck for almost a year at decree nisi stage as his ex won't make a full financial disclosure. They both have solicitors. My partner's solicitor
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