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This is a UK based forum about divorce and related issues. Feel free to contribute. Your experiences or opinions may help others. The links on the left lead to basic information about most common divorce questions. The information opens in a separate window. You can use the search function to search the forum.
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Topic: Maintenance
Written By: karendighton - 9 months ago
Forum: UK Divorce Forum
I have two children both under 18 and currently doing apprentiships. I`m I still entitled to childmaintenance until they finish the apprenships or until they reach 18. Both of them will 18 before they complete the apprentiships. Thanks for any advice
Topic: Child Maintenance
Written By: karendighton - 10 months ago
Forum: UK Divorce Forum
I have 2 children aged 16 & 17, Both live with me full time. Both are currently in apprentiships. Will i be entitled to Child Maintenance and for how long?
Topic: Capital Gains Tax
Written By: karendighton - 10 months ago
Forum: UK Divorce Forum
My husband left the FMH in April 2014 and stayed temporarily with his mother until August 2015 when he rented and moved into a flat. Up till this point he remained on the Council Tax register at the FMH. I am being told that when the FMH is sold there will be a Capital Gains Tax implecation. Is this correct?
Topic: Family Arbritration
Written By: karendighton - 1 year ago
Forum: UK Divorce Forum
My husband and I have been seperated for nearly 3 years. He is unwell following a breakdown and suffering from depression. Despite numerous attempts and thousands of pounds on solicitors we have been unable to reach a financial settlement. He is now looking to star court proceedings. My solicitor has suggested that Arbitration may be a more economical way to find a solution. I have not heard of A
Topic: mediation
Written By: karendighton - 2 years ago
Forum: UK Divorce Forum
separated 2 years and just about to apply for divorce. My solicitor suggested mediation to sort finances. My ex is adamant he will only attend a mediator 20miles away which seems totally impractical as there are lots of local mediators. Who decides which mediator is used. Do you have to go to mediation before court. I don't think it will work and my ex has implied it is purely a formality for him
Topic: inheritance
Written By: karendighton - 2 years ago
Forum: UK Divorce Forum
I am currently going through a divorce and financial settlement. I separated in 2011. My mother sadly passed away in August 2014. She left a will leaving everything in trust to myself and brother and thereafter to any grand children. My ex is trying to benefit from this. Even if I had been left the money directly surely as this is 3 years after we separated he should not have any claim?
Topic: financial settlement
Written By: karendighton - 2 years ago
Forum: UK Divorce Forum
My h and I separated 2 years ago, He was self employed. I gave up a good job 15 years ago to raise the children. now 14 & 16. The children both ride horses and compete. At the time of the separation we had four ponies but I have reduced this to 2 and taken a part time flexible job which enables me to still keep the two ponies on a diy basis and be there for the children when needed. My h has
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