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The adulterer wants ME to leave! (2 Posts)
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05 November, 2009 06:21PM
The adulterer wants ME to leave!
keysina - 05 November, 2009 06:21PM

Two months ago, during an arguement my husband said he is done with the marriage.I didn't take him seriously as we were still doing things together and based on our past, I really thought he would get over the arguement. But on thursday the 29th of October, I found out he booked a trip to paris with a certain Miss J.
When i confronted him, he denied it but said we were seperated and he can do what he likes. Now that he is back he wants me to leave and has warned me that if i file for divorce on the grounds of adultery it will be a nasty fight.
I personally believe that he is only concerned about losing his house.
We met when I was a student, 6 and half years ago, and have been married for the last 2 and half years. I have been quite dependent on him financially until I graduated but once I got my first job, i contributed to bills, household expenses, and also gave him spending money as he didn't have a good financial record.
As I don't own any assets in the house, and might not be able to prove the purchases I did, is it worth it for me to go through the divorce expecting any kind of settlement?
Also, will I make matters worst if I leave?
He is the only one who owns the house.

Thank you
Re: The adulterer wants ME to leave!
davidterry - 06 November, 2009 09:38AM
If your husband has decided that the marriage is over then it is over. The same would apply if you made that decision. It takes two to make a marriage. You need to ask yourself if there is any future to the marriage and if you decide that there is not you should seek a divorce.

Although it is natural that your husband thinks that you should leave because in his eyes it is his house you should certainly not leave. You will be prejudiced if you do. The fact is that it is also your home and as a result of the marriage you cannot be put out just like a cat. By the same token, incidentally, you cannot insist upon him leaving just because he has committed adultery. It is still his home too. What he probably does not realize is that you have a financial interest in the property even though you are not on the title deeds. You can protect this interest by registering it formally at the Land Registry.

The chances are that if the marriage ends in divorce the house will have to be sold and the proceeds divided between you or else one of you will buy out the other’s interest by paying a lump sum in return for that spouse’s share of the house. You do not have to prove purchases or anything of that nature. Spouses contribute to marriage in different ways and contributions do not have to be financial. You will have an interest in the house no matter what your husband may think. I hope this helps.
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