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Being forced into taking share of Ex's pension (1 Post)
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08 March, 2018 11:13AM
Being forced into taking share of Ex's pension
Itsmefee - 08 March, 2018 11:13AM
I have been divorced from my ex husband for over a year now, he left over three years ago after being abusive and having an affair. I divorced him for adultery. He is now trying to sort out a financial settlement so that he can get a clean break and move on with wife No 4 and her two kids.

He has dragged me through the courts trying to get me to sell the matrimonial home but failed and is now trying to get a consent order in place and a clean break.

The sticking point is that I am refusing to accept a share of his Police Pension (which is already in payment). The judge in the case has said that If I don't accept it then there can be no clean break in place. So after some badgering I agreed to it and a draft consent order was done that allows me to remain int he matrimonial home (paying for everything ) despite being disabled and on benefits and for me to accept 22% of his pension.

Since we were last in court my circumstances have changed dramatically and I have managed to secure a rented property for my Son and myself for which I have taken the tenancy for. We move in very soon. I have written to my ex husbands Solicitor saying that I no longer require the Mesher Order that was going to be included in the consent order and that I would not be accepting a share of my ex husband pension as this is going to reduce his income and in turn will reduce the child maintenance payments that my Son receives. In no way could I afford for that to happen.

He wrote back to me telling me that he was going to ask the judge to put the consent order in place regardless of the change in circumstances as it had all been agreed at the prior hearing.

CAN I BE FORCED TO SIGN A CONSENT ORDER that is no longer reflecting my current circumstances ? ? ? I have no intention of drawing down any pension that is forced onto me so that is going to be a complete waste of time, effort and money as it is going to cost my ex a lot of money to get it all transferred over. They tried to make me pay half but I told them why should I pay for the administration of something I do not want and will not get.

Put simply, I want absolutely nothing form him, especially his pension and yet he and his Solicitor are trying to force me to take it just so he can get a clean break. I did not get legal representation as I was not looking for anything in settlement and have so far sorted everything myself but I am just getting a bit unsure now about what my options are.

By the way. I wrote to the judge explaining my change in circumstances and confirming that I had secured a rented property with a housing association and just this morning the Courts have written back to me with a date for another hearing in June. So this had basically answered my own question. The judge in the case won't be rubber stamping the order without another hearing to sort things out.
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