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7 Months and no change for me... HELP (2 Posts)
Started By:
01 March, 2018 12:12AM
7 Months and no change for me... HELP
GJLC - 01 March, 2018 12:12AM
So this is a long story.

in July i told my Husband of 13 years that I didn't want to be with him anymore. We had been trying to make it work for about a year previous to that.
I requested that we sell the house so I could have half the equity and that we would share the parenting (2 children 10 and 8). I am not asking for anything else.
He refused to sell the house and claims he can buy me out. This hasn't happened. In December i filed for divorce, unreasonable behaviour. He refused to sign the papers until this week and has told me that he has sent them back but not agreeing to them. He continues to fob me off with finding the money to buy me out.
I am sleeping on the sofa where I have been since July, I dont have my own space, he doesn't go to bed early and leave me in peace.
He refuses to stay else where at all until recently...........
He has a girlfriend. They are in love.... he has been and stayed there. He knows that i am aware of where he is going.
I stay at a friends house sometimes to get away from this impossible situation.
I have been prepared to accept a payment from him which would be less than my share of the property, he has maintained that he want s to keep the house so the children can be in it half the time. I am now worried that he will quickly sell it after a settlement cashing in on my loss.
I am stuck. I cant leave as I have no money and my children are here. I cant make him leave or make him sign/do amything.

Re: 7 Months and no change for me... HELP
davidterry - 01 March, 2018 11:12AM
After a marriage of 13 years and where there are two children aged 8 and 10 you should not even contemplate taking less than half the value of the house. If what you say about having no money is correct there is a good chance a court would think it fairer that you stay in the house and that your husband leaves. Now that you have issued a divorce petition you can apply for maintenance pending suit from your husband. You can also ask a court to settle the financial issues between yourself and your husband. You should take the initiative rather then let your husband determine what happens and when.

You should take legal advice about maintenance pending suit. That can include payments to cover your legal costs. If you take this sort of action it will soon concentrate your husband's mind.
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