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Re: non-contributing wife gone - what can she take and what can I? (2 Posts)
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27 February, 2018 03:31PM
Re: non-contributing wife gone - what can she take and what can I?
KINTU - 27 February, 2018 03:31PM
I am in a situation where by my ex wife and I had four boys through a marriage of 13 years but then came a time in 2015 my wife walked away from our home which is in my name as a sole owner and I have been the one paying the mortgage and I had this property before I met her. She in is now in a council house with our oldest boy who is 15 years old and Living with the 3 boys, but now she has gone to the Land registry and made an application for home rights notice.

We filled for divorce and the decree absolute was passed on 4th December 2017. I am very confused after getting the letter from HM Land Registry as a' ve always worked hard to have a decent home with my children but now some one who never contributed anything at all wants to be part of the property.

Just recently I found out that during our marriage my ex wife used to claim all sorts of benefit including housing as a single mother at the expense of the family. Please advise me on what to do.
Re: non-contributing wife gone - what can she take and what can I?
davidterry - 27 February, 2018 07:06PM
Your ex wife is only entitled to maintain a home rights notice against the former matrimonial home while she is still married to you. She lost the right to maintain that notice when decree absolute was issued. Contact the Land Registry, provide them with a copy of the decree absolute and ask for the notice to be removed. Now that decree absolute has been issued removal of the notice is automatic (provided you draw the fact to the Land Registry's attention).
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