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Help Please!! (2 Posts)
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14 February, 2018 11:22AM
Help Please!!
Anon2018 - 14 February, 2018 11:22AM

I have finally been given the date for the pronunciation of the decree nisi being 15 March 2018. I know the minimum amount of time I have to wait before applying for it to be made absolute is 43 days (6 weeks 1 day) but does that include weekends LOL - Is the earliest I can apply for the absolute 30 April 2018? How long roughly will it take to receive the absolute? Just want this over with now. Thanks in advance
Re: Help Please!!
davidterry - 14 February, 2018 02:43PM
>>I have to wait before applying for it to be made absolute is 43 days (6 weeks 1 day) but does that include weekends

It does include weekends, yes.

Typically you will receive the decree absolute about a week after applying for it. However, you should not make plans based upon getting decree absolute until you actually have it. That is because the respondent may have grounds to insist that you do not apply for decree absolute until such time as all financial issues arising from the marriage have been settled. That does not apply in every case but it happens sufficiently often to make it prudent never to make plans about having decree absolute until you are actually in possession of the document.
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