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Help with what to do for the FDR (2 Posts)
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17 January, 2018 11:21AM
Help with what to do for the FDR
Teddy P - 17 January, 2018 11:21AM
I would really appreciate some guidance as I have an FDR hearing in 3 weeks, and yet again my solicitor hasn't answered my question and is now away until the week before.

I have produced all updated bank statements etc but I really don't know if I have to repsond in anyway to the answers he gave to my Form E questions. He somehow managed to answer whilst fabricating a complete character assassination on me. Claimed he always wanted me to work full time ( I worked part time and was self employed for 18 years) this was almost at his insistence, now apparently I was lazy. When I moved in with him 20 years ago this apparently stopped me from being homeless and I trapped him by getting pregnant. It's all my fault the children don't want anything to do with him.

I honestly don't know if or how to respond. But it concerns me that if a judge reads his rubbish without me rebutting it, that it will be believed. I have so many things I could say but I want to keep my head held high and just rely on the facts that I can prove.

If anyone could tell me if I am expected to write a reply I would be very grateful.
Re: Help with what to do for the FDR
davidterry - 19 January, 2018 02:51PM
>>But it concerns me that if a judge reads his rubbish without me rebutting it, that it will be believed.

A judge won't care about that sort of stuff. In fact it reflects more badly on your husband than it does on you. A judge will only be interested in the length of the marriage, whether there are dependent children and the figures in terms of incomes, capital and pensions.
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