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Mediation (5 Posts)
Started By:
15 January, 2018 08:12PM
Bumblebumble - 15 January, 2018 08:12PM
I have invited my ex to mediation. I sent him a text and he refused saying he can't afford it.

Can i still proceed?
Re: Mediation
Bumblebumble - 15 January, 2018 08:38PM
He has said he is willing to sit down together and discuss this privately with me but I am not comfortable doing that at all. I really would like to see a mediator.

Is him refusing due to lack of funds and acceptable redusal given that he has suggested doing it ourselves? Which I do not want as mentally I would not be able to cope with it
Re: Mediation
Bustedlanda - 16 January, 2018 09:31AM
Don't do anything you aren't comfortable with especially without legal advice. Explain to him that if he refuses to cooperate, it will most likely cost him far more than mediation.
Re: Mediation
Bustedlanda - 16 January, 2018 09:33AM
You could also get him to check if he is eligible for legal aid. The mediators can do this for him.
Re: Mediation
puma931 - 16 January, 2018 05:01PM
If he refuses to attend mediation, you can get the form to take the matter to court, but this should be a last resort as it can be costly if solicitors are involved.
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