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Divorce and finance. (5 Posts)
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02 January, 2018 09:46PM
Divorce and finance.
Teadrinker12 - 02 January, 2018 09:46PM
I would like some advice please regarding divorce for my sister.
They have been married for 10 years ( in India and under Hindu religion). No children involved
Basically, she is going through a hell of a marriage but too afraid to ask for advice so I'm acting as an advocate.
From the start, the marriage has been a verbally abusive one with an incidence of domestic violence couple of years ago.
She never reported any of that till now so there is no evidence.

Financially he pays for their housing and food. Initially, he did pay for her but the verbal abuse got too much so my sister got a job. She takes care of her own expenditure now. Without disclosing too much information lets just say he earns 3 times her salary and gets a fat bonus.
For pretence to everyone else, he does take her to holidays and sometimes gives her gifts but then verbally abuses her throughout.
Unfortunately, this abuse extends towards me and my parents. Because of social reasons we are unable to do anything.
He has been threatening her, saying if she leaves he will not give her a penny as per Hindu law!!
They have a house where it's under his name. He does have handsome amount saving but might not disclose full details as it's in another country.
All this stress has deteriorated her health. She was working part-time but wants to back full time because she is afraid of the future.

Google has not been of any help. I want my sister to get what is rightfully hers but I know this will not be easy because my brother in law is a very cunning man and will try to manipulate the situation.

I want to know is my sister entitled to anything at all? If so roughly what is she entitled to? Lumsum? pension? savings? house?

Many thanks
The concerned brother
Re: Divorce and finance.
HatMan - 03 January, 2018 07:18AM
I suspect that you are in the wrong place to look for advice on the law in India...I might be wrong but I doubt that there is a massive reservoir of legal expertise here for that geography.
Re: Divorce and finance.
Teadrinker12 - 14 January, 2018 09:47AM

She is a UK resident .
The marriage ceremony just took place in India. That's all. Hence the reason of posting here.
Re: Divorce and finance.
davidterry - 15 January, 2018 10:25AM
Well, assuming that she is either domiciled in England or has been resident here for over a year and her husband does not live in another EU country she can seek a divorce here. However, your sister should seek legal advice on her own account. It is not sensible or appropriate to give legal advice via third parties. One of the reason for that is apparent from your post which clearly shows that you are not impartial. Your sister needs independent and impartial legal advice. Whether she chooses to seek it is, of course, a matter for her. These are decisions for her alone.
Re: Divorce and finance.
Teadrinker12 - 30 January, 2018 05:35AM
Thanks David
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