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FDA orders (4 Posts)
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22 December, 2017 08:31AM
FDA orders
karen9764 - 22 December, 2017 08:31AM
FDA Wednesday. Orders made to file and serve etc by 10th January 2018.
Further hearing on the first available date after 31st January 2018.

I am self representing and i do not think i will be able to gather all the information and serve it by 10th January 2018.

My circumstances are that i am a full time carer for my elderly disabled mother and she was addmitted to hospital over a week ago. The hospital,adult social care and occupational therapist along with myself are trying to set up a home care package and prepare her home with the necessary equiptment,upon her going home which will be after christmas,once they know the extent of her needs.

Will it be possible for me to adjourn any of the above dates,if so how do i go about it ?
Re: FDA orders
davidterry - 24 December, 2017 06:21PM
You should explain the circumstances to the other side and ask whether they will agree to a revision of the time table by consent. This is always the first step in any event.
Re: FDA orders
karen9764 - 04 January, 2018 06:47AM
Thank you for your reply davidterry.

By the time I was able to explain my circumstances to the other side and request a revision of the timetable,my mother had passed away.
I explained that I would now be solely responsible for arranging my mothers funeral and the other side replied saying they would allow a further 14 days.

I still feel this is not long enough,is 14 days the average ?
Re: FDA orders
davidterry - 04 January, 2018 12:29PM
There is no 'average'. However, the other side are entitled to expect the financial issues arising from the marriage to be settled within some sort of determinate time scale and that has to be balanced against what you want. You could ask for 28 days which they may agree to although I would be surprised if they go beyond that.

Indeed, I doubt they have to. Say a hearing is listed for 6th January and both parties write in to the court asking for the matter to be relisted on the first open date after 14 days. Do you think it will then be listed for 20th January? That will not happen. Courts are booked up weeks and months in advance. The first 'open' date after 14 days is usually three months or so hence.
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