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My ex wife is Terminally ill (3 Posts)
Started By:
08 December, 2017 01:44AM
My ex wife is Terminally ill
Daytona64 - 08 December, 2017 01:44AM
When I left my marriage in November 2015 my wife at the time was in good health
She applied to divorce me and i received the decree nisi in March 2016 At this time she was still ok health wise
So I waited the 6 weeks for the absolute but it never arrived she refused to apply for it
I finally got it may 2017
I was informed by her in September 2016 that she had cancer and could I stop sending solicitor letters to her
I wanted to mediate but she refused saying she needed time for treatment and she couldn’t fill in financial disclosure forms in as she was too ill
She worked from while undergoing treatment
We had2 campervans which we’re in my name she sold one without me knowing and kept the £5k
As a last resort I was forced to issue court proceedings against her to try and get the matter solved
I haven’t had a single item or monies from the house she refuses to want to give me anything
In the meantime I’m living with my sister and I want to get a place of my own but I cannot afford to move out because I’m paying my solicitors bills which so far amounts to £7k and climbing
We have an Fdr next week I’m prepared for her to stay in the fmh until she dies which her consultant says
could be between 1-3 years
I’m not insisting she sells house I’m just looking for £40k now and the rest when the house gets sol upon her death
The rest being a 50/50 split
I have mounted up debts that’s why I need £40k and to buy furniture for my new home
The total pot is £300k
My question is am I likely to get it ?
Re: My ex wife is Terminally ill
HatMan - 08 December, 2017 05:52AM
The cynic in me says......demand proof that she is actually ill, sounds almost too convenient. I hate to be so blunt but you only have her word that she is ill and her claim that she has 'up to 3 years left to live' sounds rather like a delaying tactic so that you won't pressure her on the details.

I smell a giant rodent on this one.
Re: My ex wife is Terminally ill
Daytona64 - 10 December, 2017 02:04PM
I’ve had proof from her consultant that she is ill
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