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Definition of Long/short/med length marriage (2 Posts)
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02 December, 2017 05:06PM
Definition of Long/short/med length marriage
ch - 02 December, 2017 05:06PM

Could anyone answer the question of what is considered a short, medium length or long marriage Please?

And what implications would the length of marriage have on sharing assets?

ALSO are pre-marital assets considered the same if accrued prior to the short/medium/long marriage?

Would the length of separation count as 'not married' before the divorce is finalised particularly if one party was not co-operating and delaying the absolute and the financial settlement?

Would a legal form, such as a TR1, signed during the marriage be admissible in the financial settlement?

Finally, how should a statement of facts document be worded: referring to parties as 'I' 'he,she' or as 'applicant/respondent'

I would be grateful for any feedback.
Re: Definition of Long/short/med length marriage
davidterry - 04 December, 2017 10:09AM
The answers to these questions can more appropriately be found in a textbook than as short answers to specific questions. The questions are so broad in nature as to make it impossible to answer without writing a textbook.
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