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01 December, 2017 09:30PM
adrienne95 - 01 December, 2017 09:30PM
Before you file for divorce for what ever reason you may feel you are totally justified in doing so are you really prepared for what you are really letting yourself in for? Especially if you have children with the person you are divorcing!
Lawyers are very good at the beginning in saying you are entitled to this and that but by the end of it if you ever reach an end you will be very lucky.
I was married in the UK (Scotland) I and our children were taken to France by my X husband for what he portrayed would be a better quality of life. After a year and a half in France my X husband abandoned us. 3 days later his Scottish solicitor sent an email that he saw no future in the marriage of 18 years + and my husband considered himself resident in the UK.
Of course I was advised to seek a lawyer either in Scotland or in France. As I was in France a French solicitor was my only option.
What ever you do, do not be fooled into going to France or any other European Country for that matter and think that you have the same marital rights as you do in the UK.
11 years this entire process has been going on and still there is no end in sight. What ever you do. Do not go to France unless you can speak fluent Legal French and you have +++ for the corrupt regime.
I witnessed it. +++ by a Court Official and I was totally shocked that it was so obvious. France is a very dangerous place to bring young children to.
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