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decree nisi - form D80b help needed (1 Post)
Started By:
28 November, 2017 12:23AM
decree nisi - form D80b help needed
synna_ - 28 November, 2017 12:23AM
Hello everyone,

I am a bit lost in the process really i am keep reading from multiple sources but all different backgrounds so cannot really find my answers.

On D80b form,

Q4 i mentioned that the unreasonable behaviours i listed down that my husband did left me with a horrible psychology, but it's pretty normal for anything related with divorce i never received physiatrics help. Can i just say no and leave it as it is or will it contradict with petition form

at the last part it says 'I identify the signature appearing in paragraph 9(a) of the acknowledgement of service, a copy of which I have attached to this statement and marked ‘A’, as the signature of my spouse civil partner, who is the Respondent in these

so shall i keep the original AoS i received and take a copy of it and send it back or should i send the original i received directly?
and shall i put A letter next to his signature only?

and one last question again there is a box to tick '(provided you have applied for costs in your petition for divorce/dissolution/(judicial) separation) to order the Respondent to pay the costs of this application.' My husband and myself split the costs half half and i already made the payment, what is this to do with? the court fee which is 550 is already paid and is there anything else to be paid, what would you recommend to put here? same goes with d80 on top right corner Fee charged/Remission ID. What shall i put there?

Sorry for long questions but i found it really hard to understand some parts...

Thank you in advance!
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