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Ex wanting to revise order (1 Post)
Started By:
16 November, 2017 10:55PM
Ex wanting to revise order
purplehayes - 16 November, 2017 10:55PM
I have received a letter from my ex stating that she intends to take me back to court if i do not agree to increase the existing order.
The original order was a term order effectively split 40% spousal and then 20% per child of which I have 3 until they leave secondary education. Her timing is drawn around my first born now being at university. As an aside I now provide him with a weekly allowance, my wife does not provide him any financial support and he also has confirmed that he will not be living with her at any point going forward. When the order was made the judge was quite clear that it was financially substantial but was structured to encourage my ex over time to retrain and find employment (all children are in secondary education). I have adhered to the letter of the order and have no intention of breaking it going forward. My ex's financial position has not worsened except for the ordered and planned reduction in my payments but she has made no real attempt to find reasonable employment that may see her being more self sufficient in the future.

My questions are as follows :-

I have adhered to the order so can she request an updated financial disclosure from me and if so why ? Surely this is about her position.

The payments I have made to her would have comfortably enabled her to repay her mortgage over the 10 year term however she has decided to take a mortgage over 20 years, is this reasonable ? Should I be accountable for her bad financial decisions ?

I now have another dependant through a new relationship, what effect does this have on my position ?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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