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Litigant in person for injunctions orders. please help (1 Post)
Started By:
07 November, 2017 07:23AM
Litigant in person for injunctions orders. please help
Veronik - 07 November, 2017 07:23AM

I am sorry for this question. I thought it would be worth to try and ask for help.
It has been really hard to find information about the formal procedures to deal with family court proceedings.

I opened a case against my ex-partner for injunctions orders.
I wrote my statement submitted to court, then judge made directions over the update of statements and evidence for both parties to submit.

I then prepared the exhibits separately and in the head of the second statement in which i added a lot more information i detailed all the exhibits related to it. I gathered them all and submitted it to court. I did not know this had to be 14 days before a hearing. however hearing date was delayed.

I am still unsure if I did ok, Because i thought the exhibit also had to be referred to the point in the statement written about it. which i did not do.

I am also insure whether actual evidence can be shown directly at the hearing without submitting it to court. or if this can be submitted just before the hearing.

At the moment, I only submitted a second statement and exhibits together. The Respondent did not yet submitted his statement.

I will appreciate enormously if someone could let me know where to look at or advice me on this. Many thanks.
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