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Does anyone ever get punished for breaching child arrangements orders? (2 Posts)
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22 October, 2017 09:00AM
Does anyone ever get punished for breaching child arrangements orders?
Sam_Toucan - 22 October, 2017 09:00AM
I've been battling my ex-wife for 4 years to get regular access to my children. I am trying to decide whether to keep fighting or just give up and return to my home country.

I currently have an application (self representing) to enforce a child arrangements order. My ex has no interest in any sort of contact between the children and me, and so far the courts haven't done anything apart from write more orders. My ex-wife doesn't even care about the orders and just ignores then when she wants. Does it ever get to the point where the resident parent is meaningfully punished for ignoring court orders? Or does the cycle of going to court for more orders just continue until the children are all grown up?

Examples of my ex wife's behaviour:
1. She will just decide for no valid reason that I can't see the children any more
2. She ignores requests from me to resume contact as per the court order and refuses to negotiate
3. She doesn't turn up to court hearings (sometimes)
4. If she does turn up to court hearings she argues with the judge about how she's "a mother" and that somehow that's more important than obeying court orders.
5. After getting told off by the judge about keeping court orders, and threatened with all sorts of punishments (even prison!!), she follows the court order for a few weeks and then suddenly tells me I can't see the children again.

I am applying to get my ex to do unpaid work - but this is not a deterrant for her as it is more work for me to bring the application than it is for her to do the punishment! Plus I suspect my ex will actually enjoy working in a charity shop. Is it possible to apply for a more meaningful punishment? Does anyone know of a parent actually getting a more meaningful punishment than unpaid work?
Re: Does anyone ever get punished for breaching child arrangements orders?
davidterry - 22 October, 2017 10:43AM
Occasionally custodial parents get committed to prison for breaches of orders relating to children and/or custody is transferred to the other parent. However, both of these are drastic and rare. Since what is in the best interests of the child is always the key consideration in these cases it is very rarely in the best interests of the child to send his/her mother to prison.
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