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Sharing costs of Family Home post divorce (6 Posts)
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20 October, 2017 08:19AM
Sharing costs of Family Home post divorce
dvrcpending - 20 October, 2017 08:19AM

Divorce done and 80 / 20 split of family home agreed and documented in court order for financial settlement. Ex and kids have continued to live in the Family Home, now the Ex is asking for 20% of costs she has incurred in maintaining the house, insurance, paving etc. Seems a bit far fetched to me, but just putting it out there for comment please. No mention of this in Court order.
Re: Sharing costs of Family Home post divorce
Andyk - 20 October, 2017 09:18AM
I would say more fool her for "Increasing" the value of the home by making improvements before the finances were settled.
Re: Sharing costs of Family Home post divorce
HatMan - 20 October, 2017 09:20AM
Tell her to stop dreaming and stick to the settlement as it is outlined in the order, she has nowhere to go with this and is just wasting your time - you could counter with a demand for rent as she lived in what was your property too...both claims are equally laughable.
Re: Sharing costs of Family Home post divorce
dvrcpending - 23 October, 2017 12:35PM
Thank you guys... much appreciated.
Re: Sharing costs of Family Home post divorce
Dave123 - 21 November, 2017 04:34PM
Hi my wife who is not party to the mortgage will not leave the family home and has placed a home order on it, she has her own home which she rents out, how can I get her to leave without incurring huge legal costs
Re: Sharing costs of Family Home post divorce
davidterry - 21 November, 2017 06:22PM
Without a court order you cannot get her out. If you cannot agree the only way of forcing a resolution of the financial issues including what happens to the house is to make a court application. This does obviously incur costs.
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