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House transfer (2 Posts)
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18 October, 2017 12:09PM
House transfer
amy567 - 18 October, 2017 12:09PM
Hi, I'd really appreciate some opinion on my situation please.
I married my exhusband in nov 2012, by June 2014 he committed adultery and we separated, we didn't live together before we got married, and there are no children involved. I had a consent order drawn up, saying that I would give him a lump sum of £3000, get the mortgage in my name and the government loan which we used also in my name, this was stamped in court back in Feb 2016. I was the petitioner in the divorce and asked for costs. The court set a limit of £1500 which I was told would be taken off his lump sum. I have sorted and paid fees for taking over the mortgage and the government loan. He is refusing to sign the transfer document as the solicitor had to say that the divorce fees were coming off the mortgage in the transfer document. He didn't realise this as he didn't appoint a solicitor. So we agreed on meeting halfway, with him getting £2250, he wanted the transfer document by sept. He received it oct 13th, and is now saying he wants the £3000 again. I paid £8,300 deposit for our house, and 70% of mortgage and bills when we were together and everything since we split as I was living there. I've also paid £500 overdraft which was joint, and £1200 loan which we owed my dad, I've then paid for all of the divorce which came to about £2000, and now I've paid £700 fees for the mortgage etc. Also I've had to pay a further £3000 to the government as the house has gone up in value. What shall I do? Just give him the £3k and forget the divorce fees rather than taking it back through the court?

I just feel like I've paid a lot and this has dragged on for so long. We brought our house for £166,000 and it is now worth £183,000. When the consent order was written it was probably worth around £175,000 I've also got solicitor fees from the transfer of equity which I think will cost around £800.

Sorry this email is long. It's complicated.
Thankyou for taking the time to read it.
Re: House transfer
puma931 - 18 October, 2017 01:09PM
IMO pay £3,000 and get it finished.
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