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seperation orders (2 Posts)
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12 October, 2017 09:46AM
seperation orders
jcrow - 12 October, 2017 09:46AM
Hi, looking for a little advice. My mother in law sperated from her husband and a seperation order was put in place, a financial settlement was received .They then reconciled and have lived together as a couple for a further two years . Things haven't worked out and she now wants a divorce ,would she be entitled to claim again from him or would the fact that the seperation led to her getting a final settlement prevent this ?
Re: seperation orders
davidterry - 12 October, 2017 10:35AM
Starting to live together again will have brought the separation to an end so in the event of a subsequent divorce the terms of the previous separation will not necessarily be relevant. However, facts matter so how long ago the deed of separation was drawn up and what its terms were might easily be relevant.
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