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Please offer advice - divorce aged 65 living off my pension. (1 Post)
Started By:
05 October, 2017 01:47PM
Please offer advice - divorce aged 65 living off my pension.
Forafriend - 05 October, 2017 01:47PM
I am considering splitting with my partner, due to things turning very sour. We have no way of going back currently.

To clarify, we met when both our children were grown up. No financial input required from us.
We have been married for 10 years.
We both sold our houses and put the money together to buy our current home. My financial input to the house is greater than his.
We have both worked, we both have private pensions and state pensions, although he is not due his pension until 66. He is 62. I have two private pensions. The better private pension was drawn before we met. The other private pension was started around 7 years into our marriage.
He currently works part time and has planned to continue working until 66 then get his pension.
We’re married under English Law.
We have savings.
We have a mortgage free home with no dependents living with us. The house is worth approx £200k - we have a standard 50/50 ownership of the home.

I am happy to split savings and home 50/50.
From what I understand he could only go for the pension that has accrued whilst married? One pension had finished accruing before we met.

From what I understand I could technically go for his pension as that is also considered an asset even though it is not accessible yet.

I want this split to be as amicable as possible but I very much doubt he will be.

Please could anyone offer any advice on this situation?

I have read articles online that state you can sign over the house to the spouse to stop them from going after your pensions. I am living of my pension and would not be able to afford to live if I didn’t get my half of the house (£100k)
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