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My rights (3 Posts)
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23 September, 2017 12:44PM
My rights
Johnson - 23 September, 2017 12:44PM
Hi all.

My wife was pushing the divorce early on and changed tack from me having to move out, to her moving out of our house out to a rental property. I had my suspicions that something was going on with another man and three weeks after she moved out, because I caught them she declared that they were going to be in a relationship. She is the petitioner, which I have agreed with, as I don't want to spend loads of money and ultimately at the end of the day it has no bearing on the proceedings.

As per my solicitors instructions I have changed the locks and because I'm on my own and go away for work I have fitted an alarm. I would like to know if I have to give her access to the house? There is no reason for her to come in the house, but she is still on both the mortgage and deeds. She doesn't contribute to the mortgage, but has told me that she want me to take the alarm down and make no further changes to the house wouthout her authorisation. Can she stipulate this? And if she wants to, should she be contributing to the mortgage; as I would have had to if I moved out.

Many thanks, for any assistance.

Re: My rights
undlou - 25 September, 2017 12:39PM
I once read somewhere that whoever remains in the property would be expected to pay the mortgage and running costs. It is counted as "rent" for the half owned by the absent party. Whether that is true or not....

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Re: My rights
davidterry - 25 September, 2017 01:34PM
If your wife has moved out then you are quite correct to have changed the locks and fitted an alarm. You are entitled to your privacy. Your wife cannot reasonably expect to come and go as she pleases now that she has left the property. You should ignore these demands and press on as quickly as possible with getting the financial issues arising from the marriage settled formally and finally.
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