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Unreasonable behaviour - parental abduction (1 Post)
Started By:
18 September, 2017 04:12PM
Unreasonable behaviour - parental abduction
fadobee - 18 September, 2017 04:12PM
Thank you for this forum.

I have navigated as LIP to a stage where 'the other side' having sidelined issues for 1.5 years (living in another jurisdiction and having unlimited funds) have finally been forced to a hearing (lost jurisdiction, lost forum).

They said they would 'fight all the way' but now that they are at a stage where they would have to address the evidence of child abduction, they have folded.

They have stated they will accept grounds for the divorce, but not accept them anywhere else.

From reading info on this site, I see you state 'Unreasonable Behaviour' is rarely contested. Does this mean that accepting they are kidnappers for the sake of the divorce Nisi actually has no standing in law? Something like 'we just went along with it to stop being harassed by the allegation' or 'we couldnt be bothered to defend it so just accepted it' etc?

The evidence I have was not available during Child Proceedings (leave to remove) and their Counsel hid the fact that previous Counsel told the client a crime had been committed (prior to Child Proceedings) and the Counsel had view of the On-Its-Face-Evidence before a leave to appeal, and again failed in their duties to the Court to disclose. So coming to divorce, they were coming with unclean hands (they refused to provide a position on the abduction). The Judge refused to address the fraud / unclean hands.
all quite unusual (I hope) but interesting?
So ...
Are the other side acknowledging any liability by accepting the divorce petition grounds - unreasonable behaviour on the basis of an attempted parental/child abduction?
Are the other sides counsel in any hot water through any process I can now leverage? (either through the divorce which is awaiting my Nisi Application or through another process) (I understand this is a basic outline, I am confused because I am competent, and appear to have clear evidence of fraud/unclean hands but it seems the Courts are either too terrified or just don't care enough about actual justice to touch it).
In theory I could address the DPP, but they have not returned my calls for 2 months. Scary.

Then going to the Divorce, the judge there wouldn't look at it (they should have by rights, Fraud trumps all in the overarching objective) (but did let it through to the next stage, assuming a defended hearing). We are talking here of an effective confession to the Police.
As a litigant in person, getting lambasted in court on a regular basis by at least 6 gross lies against me (and more prejudicial mud slung) I am pretty vexed about how much our Officers of the Court get away with, without audit and in (effectively) secret courts.
Just saying. This will ultimately go to the advantage of audacious liars.
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