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Acknowledgement of Service form (4 Posts)
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14 September, 2017 07:04PM
Acknowledgement of Service form
gesphalt2 - 14 September, 2017 07:04PM
I've been trying to read up about responding to the D10 form, and I think I'm getting somewhat conflicting answers.

If you are the respondent to a divorce petition, and you disagree with the reasons given for unreasonable behaviour - is it more suitable to indicate this on the Acknowledgement of Service form, or is this better to do in a separate letter to the petitioner's solicitor?

The same with objecting to paying for the costs of proceedings (question 6) - if you can't afford to do so, is it better to state this in the form itself, or do you just say yes after you've reached an agreement with the other side?

It's the latter point which confuses me slightly - I've read that it's better to get an agreement on costs sorted before returning the acknowledgement form, but if you disagree with paying costs anyway, then what is the point on trying to reach an agreement first?
Re: Acknowledgement of Service form
Dorsetjoe - 30 September, 2017 03:15PM
Hi Gesphalt2
I'm wondering exactly the same as you, as you didn't receive a reply here what did you do to resolve this, I'm thinking along the same lines as you and giving reasons why I object for my alleged unreasonable behaviour, (there isn't any) on a separate piece of paper and my objection to paying all costs, as I can't even afford a solicitor myself, thanks Joe
Re: Acknowledgement of Service form
oldenoughtoknowbetter - 01 October, 2017 12:35PM
Objecting to UB is difficult as its all about opinions more than facts
Re: Acknowledgement of Service form
davidterry - 02 October, 2017 10:55AM
>>if you disagree with paying costs anyway, then what is the point on trying to reach an agreement first?

Because you could say on the acknowledgement of service in answer to the question whether you object to paying the costs, 'Yes, on the basis that the Petitioner has agreed not to seek costs from me'. Assuming, of course, that is what you are able to agree. The wording can change according to whatever you are able to agree.

The point about reaching agreement is that the court will accept that agreement. If you do not agree then a judge decides so the chances are one of you will feel aggrieved by that decision.
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