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Mediation unsuccessful/going to court likely financial outcome (4 Posts)
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13 September, 2017 09:17PM
Mediation unsuccessful/going to court likely financial outcome
Kitchen fitter - 13 September, 2017 09:17PM
Hello, I'm hoping to get a idea of the likely financial outcome if/when my divorce possibility goes to court.

Basically have been married for 13 years seperarated for past two, wife had an affair and moved out, it lasted 12 months then moved back in (she always payed her half of the mortgage)at which point I moved out because I'd gotten a girlfriend, she has her own house paid for and won't let me move in due to her own reasons , so I'm staying at my parents 4 nights and 3 nights at the marital home when I have our daughter to keep the routine of the 3 nights I have her.

Our current financial situation is.
House valued at 150k with 127k equity.
She has 33k savings and me 45k
She's always been a legal secretary and picks up £1600 pm (including £500 worth of benefits)
I'm selfemployed and although it's up and down pick up roughly £1400 pm.
I have a 14k pension within the marriage
And she claims which I have no proof of a 38k pension outside the marriage (does she have to show proof or how would I find out?)
And 8k within the marriage.

We have a 9 yr old daughter.

The child arrangements are (every Wednesday and every other Friday night Saturday and Sunday with me, 3 nights a week) and maintenance £170 pm were agreed quickly as this has been the routeen for the past 2 years.

In between mediation I thought we had a understanding of me buying her out at 60% 77k(more on the mortgage and lending from family) ,,and I wouldn't look at her pension and she'd leave my extra savings, she even told the mediator at the beginning of the second session that she wanted between 70&80k, as the mediator said it needs movement on both sides, but someone at her work advised her to go higher, the figure kept creeping up after some quarrling the mediator asked my wife what figure did she need to have for the kind of house she wanted for her and our daughter she replied 80k even though it's above what I comfortablely wanted to borrow I offered the 80k so we could both move on, the mediator then tells my wife the % some 63%, my wife then goes back to her calculator and replied actually I need 82k(%65) to be comfortable, I then end the meeting there as I'm not sure if I can raise that amount.

Cut to three days after the mediation my wife got angry with me I wouldn't pay that and now tells me that she wants 70% which I feel is unreasonable for she could have a 20k mortgage(80k+30k savings) and we could both have decent homes for our daughter, even with the same value home(130k)selling the marital house I'd expect to have a 20k more mortgage.

I know things don't end up fair, but it seems we could both have a decent house for our daughter or am I going to sorely disappointed?

Thanks for taking the time to read and any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Lee
Re: Mediation unsuccessful/going to court likely financial outcome
Kitchen fitter - 21 September, 2017 01:35PM
?? Honest opinion please
Re: Mediation unsuccessful/going to court likely financial outcome
HatMan - 21 September, 2017 02:45PM
The key factor will be the child, on the assumption that the ex is to remain the main carer she will definitely get way more than 50% - I suspect that the 70% figure is about as good as it will get for you.

If it gladdens your heart at all - I got a lot less than 30%!

It is what is is!
Re: Mediation unsuccessful/going to court likely financial outcome
Lanzo - 21 September, 2017 08:56PM
From someone who got divorced 3 years ago, similarish situation to yours, my daughter was 13
Ex-wife 65% I got 35%.

Luckily she wasn't after my pension so as I'm coming up to 55 I'm about to see the benefits of that when I take a lump sum and buy my dream car.

My advice is get your finances soredt as soon as possible even if it seems that your getting a raw deal, trust me in the longer term you will be much better off.


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