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First court hearing and Form E questions (1 Post)
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06 September, 2017 07:53AM
First court hearing and Form E questions
Teddy P - 06 September, 2017 07:53AM
My solicitor is on holiday for the next two weeks and I am a little confused as to exactly what I am supposed to be doing before my first financial remedy court hearing at the end of the month. So would really appreciate any advice.

We exchanged Form E's last week and was told by my solicitor to look for any hidden bank accounts or money being removed.
I don't think there is but it's hard to tell because the ex puts all his spending on a credit card and these statements haven't been included. The are some blatant fabrications on the income needs listed such as £1200 per month for paying off credit cards ( only has a £3000 debt ) and £200 a month for an invisible pet, many others too. Am I supposed to question these at this stage ?

There are also lies about my financial contributions and money I now supposedly owe him from our 20 years together. I am just not sure at what point I need to bring all this up.

Lastly I found out on the Form that he has given up a £40k a year 3 day a week job a few months ago and now has become self employed and is expecting to earn £5k a year. I fully accept I am supposed to maximise my income, but do I question his actions and ask why he doesn't have to do the same ? I understand it's a kind of game so he pays the minimum child maintenance, didn't want spousal maintenance anyway. But it seems a bit outrageous if there are no consequences for him.

Sorry my head is in a spin and I am not sure exactly how to proceed.
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