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Advice about property (2 Posts)
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05 September, 2017 11:55AM
Advice about property
Clow - 05 September, 2017 11:55AM
My husband walked out on me 4 years ago after 16 yrs of marriage, promptly moved in with someone else. I have not yet divorced him basically because I don't have the money to, also I have had a lot of health issues since he left & am now classed as severely disabled. So am unable to work now, but since he left I have had severe financal hardship whilst he has been having holidays abroad with his new family so I did say to him months ago if he paid I would divorce him. Well now he has split up with this other person and is trying to rush the divorce thru, he also now wants to sell the Marital home as he says he cannot keep up the mortgage payments as he will need to rent somewhere for himself. The house is solely in his name, but he says when it sells and everything has been paid off I will get half of the money, is this a legal right of mine or do I need to get some kind of order to make sure when the house sells he doesn't con me out of money which I feel he would do if he could. He is also making me move into rented accommodation basically yesterday if he could, as he says the house needs sorting before it is sold. I understand the house needs to be sold but do I need to get legal representation as I really have no money but do not want to be conned out what is mine by rights, I have lost everything through him leaving to begin with, he totally screwed me over, I just don't want it to happen again with the house.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated please.
We have 3 children with one being only 11 & still living at home.
Re: Advice about property
davidterry - 08 September, 2017 02:15PM
If there is a dependent child living in the home and you do not have an income from employment you should not take it for granted that the house would be sold or that you would only be entitled to one half of the net proceeds of sale. Although everything depends on the figures there is a good chance in these circumstances that a sale would not be appropriate or that an equal division would not be fair.

You should certainly not move out into rented accommodation. Your husband cannot force you to do that and your interests would almost certainly be prejudiced if you did.

You can get basic advice at a local Citizens' Advice Bureau which might be a sensible first step for you.
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