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Divorce after 11 yrs separation (2 Posts)
Started By:
05 September, 2017 06:12AM
Divorce after 11 yrs separation
Hopeful - 05 September, 2017 06:12AM
My OH has been separated for 11 yrs not divorced. Ex lives in marital home he pays bills. He has new house. He wants a divorce. She does not allow him access to marital home which is in poor state. How does he get around this? Is she entitled to shares from his new house? One child grown up and own house with partner so no child maintenance. What's his best course of action. She can be unstable due to alcohol issues but amicable at present.
Re: Divorce after 11 yrs separation
davidterry - 08 September, 2017 02:18PM
There is no reason why he cannot obtain a divorce from his wife if he wants. He does not need her permission or co-operation. The obvious ground for the divorce would be five (or more) years' separation.

Bearing in mind there is a former matrimonial home it is unlikely that his wife would have a real claim against his new house. The new house may mean, though, that his ex will get the former matrimonial home.
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