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Interim spousal maintenance + general advice (2 Posts)
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02 September, 2017 09:43AM
Interim spousal maintenance + general advice
G0newiththew1ind - 02 September, 2017 09:43AM
My wife is making her financial situation much worse than it was previously. Although she gives reasons, the real reason is obviously that she wants to look as destitute as possible so she has a case for interim spousal maintenance and as much as possible when the Form Es are exchanged.

She has quit her job and is moving into a house where the rent is £1300 instead of £925. Her reason for quitting the job is that there was no childcare available during the summer holidays and her reason for moving house is that she needs an extra bedroom so all the kids can have their own room.

My opinion is that quitting her job and moving house is reckless. What would a judge say?
Re: Interim spousal maintenance + general advice
tyler74 - 03 September, 2017 06:00AM
I am sorry to break it like that - but what do you think the judge can say? (in the system where man need to manage expectations in divorce proceedings)
But the judge can only decide more money in her favor if there is enough earnings on your side to support her move...
what is your financial situation? did you try to clarify with her solicitors before it goes to the judge?
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