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consent order after divorce (2 Posts)
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01 September, 2017 09:50AM
consent order after divorce
kurgan - 01 September, 2017 09:50AM
I have been divorced a few years but didn't get a consent order ,is there any options i have to get one done now
? ,Would a solictors letter drafted and signed by the pair of us do or would it still have to go to a judge? many thanks
Re: consent order after divorce
davidterry - 01 September, 2017 06:07PM
A consent 'order' is an order of the court. If you and your ex are agreed then it can be obtained by consent from a court. A solicitor's letter is not sufficient to deal formally and finally with all financial claims arising from the marriage.

Whether you need or can get one now rather depends upon such factors as whether either or both of you have remarried, who issued the original divorce petition and which boxes were ticked. And, of course, it depends upon whether you can get the co-operation of your ex.
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