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Do the judges read the answers to the questionnaire? (2 Posts)
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28 August, 2017 04:54PM
Do the judges read the answers to the questionnaire?
Shepherd - 28 August, 2017 04:54PM
Can you tell me how much information I should put in the answers to the questionnaire, and do the judges actually read them? I'm wondering how much of my arguments I should put down, or would it be more tactical to save them for the day in Court?

Any advice would be gratefully received!
Re: Do the judges read the answers to the questionnaire?
davidterry - 28 August, 2017 05:18PM
Answers to a questionnaire are just that - answers. They are not 'arguments'. Judges read all documents which are relevant to the issues in dispute. That does not mean that a judge is waiting in chambers for answers to a questionnaire to be filed so that he/she can read them. What it means is that if the answer to a particular question is relevant to an issue the judge has to decide then his/her attention will be drawn to that answer and it will be read.
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