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Joint bank accounts and separated (4 Posts)
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14 August, 2017 04:42PM
Joint bank accounts and separated
AFrustratedBecky - 14 August, 2017 04:42PM
We have a joint bank account that we both used as our main account for, bills, mortgage, wages etc. He now continues to use it as his account. I still have access to it, although I no longer use it.

He lives in the marital home and has done since separation. A loan in both of our names was in arrears, so I paid the two months owing on my credit card. I believe he wasn't aware of this as he is very on top of things and would never risk damaging his credit history. So I called the company and set up a DD on the joint account. I have set up a standing order to transfer half each month so my part is paid.

Could I get in trouble for doing this? I wouldn't had done it if I thought he weren't able to pay it. its a fraction of what is left in his account every month.

- Becky
Re: Joint bank accounts and separated
davidterry - 14 August, 2017 05:09PM
If you do not pay into the account it is hard to see the justification for setting up a DD from it for your benefit - whether he can afford it or not. The account should be transferred into the sole name of one of you rather than continuing to operate it as joint account.
Re: Joint bank accounts and separated
AFrustratedBecky - 15 August, 2017 03:18PM
Thank you for you advice Mr Terry. I have changed the DD to my account.
Re: Joint bank accounts and separated
davidterry - 18 August, 2017 05:52PM
You obviously don't have to do that but whenever there is a joint account in divorce there is always a risk that one spouse will use that account irresponsibly and try and leave the other with the debt. Rather than run that risk it is usually safer to close a joint account or transfer it into the name of only one spouse.
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