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Information Request (2 Posts)
Started By:
14 August, 2017 02:47PM
Information Request
LooLa66 - 14 August, 2017 02:47PM
My husband and I separated twelve years ago, when I left the marital home and moved in with my mum. Two years later we sold the marital home, split the proceeds 50:50 and shortly thereafter I moved in with my current partner. My husband recently got in touch and has sent me a divorce petition, which I have completed and returned, but he is now asking me the date that I moved in with my partner, why would this be relevant? Surely the fact that we have been separated for more than 2 years is all that the court would need to know? We don't have any children or any other financial links. Thanks in advance for any advice.
Re: Information Request
davidterry - 18 August, 2017 07:18PM
>>he is now asking me the date that I moved in with my partner, >>

You don't have to tell him. It doesn't seem relevant to the contents of a divorce petition. Since you have been separated for 12 years either of you can petition for divorce on the grounds of five (or more) years' separation. Whether either of you live with a new partner is irrelevant.
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