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Will X's new baby be considered at hearing (3 Posts)
Started By:
11 August, 2017 09:08PM
Will X's new baby be considered at hearing
John86 - 11 August, 2017 09:08PM
Very short marriage. Childless marriage. I earn far more than she does and have paid off a lot of the marital debt and mortgage.
She has a baby with the fella she left me for. I'm not sure whether she is still with this new fella or not but I'm assuming he supports the kid. she isn't living with the fella, she is living with her baby at her parents house.
Even if the baby isn't mine, will the judge see her needs are greater? I always thought children didn't matter unless they were from the marriage but someone mentioned before that it could affect the decision making.
Re: Will X's new baby be considered at hearing
davidterry - 12 August, 2017 09:41AM
The child affects your wife's needs whether the child is yours or not.
Re: Will X's new baby be considered at hearing
AFrustratedBecky - 12 August, 2017 10:57AM
cheers David.
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