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Is ex's sol threatening me (2 Posts)
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02 August, 2017 12:54PM
Is ex's sol threatening me
Sammie556 - 02 August, 2017 12:54PM
My ex's sol Sentme an email and letter and it's scared me. I'm divorced, but back in court for SM. it was an abusive marriage but we've thankfully had no contact for a while, which meant I couldn't get legal aid as the violence was before their time limit.
Ex is now in a relationship, I don't care and has nothing to do with me. Her ex is a friend. He came to the first hearing with me, but ex sol said he had to leave that he had an injunction against his ex wife, who was at the courts. This wasn't true, but he left to not cause me distress.
He agreed to sign a PIN as he write a sarcastic email to his ex and mine, no threats just a daft email. So no injunction. The next court date is next month. His sol write saying I was colluding with my friend. Which isn't true. I can't help they were married and me and my ex were married. So the sol said about an offence under section 76 of the serious crime act 2015. She then basically said if I don't withdrawal my application she will place my conduct before the court.
I've done nothing. How can they threaten to have me arrested. I'm scared. I know my ex lies but surely the sol should have asked for proof about an injunction, then seeingbthere wasn't one not threatened me. .
Should I write to the court about this ? I'm going t write to his sol saying that any relationship other than mine and my ex has nothing to do with me or the court application. Also that my friend won't com to the court with me.
Re: Is ex's sol threatening me
davidterry - 02 August, 2017 04:43PM
If you have an application for spousal maintenance before the court then it seems to me that the outcome of that depends upon your respective financial circumstances rather than who you bring to court with you. Having said that, it was almost certainly unwise to have brought the person you did and you would be ill advised to do the same again.
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