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Wife falls pregnant with another man after separation. (2 Posts)
Started By:
19 July, 2017 05:40PM
Wife falls pregnant with another man after separation.
mastermjr2005 - 19 July, 2017 05:40PM

I hope you are all well. i am looking for some advice on what to do with the above situation. Me and my wife married in July 2013 and separated sep 2014. We started divorce proceedings this year early feb/march in which my wife is the petitioner. She has cited me for unreasonable behaviour and along with her reasons she has stated that we have seperated for more than 2 years and that she is with another man and they have a baby together in which I responded that I deny the allegations that my wife has made and I can confirm the length we were seperated and that she has a baby with another man. The court/judge has confirmed that the divorce can go ahead as I have a copy of the decree nisi, therefore I dont really care about the divorce reason as I i just want to get divorced, therefore would mean i would need to defend the divorce or cross petition for Adultery which financially for me would not make sense.. I just want to know where I stand to protect myself and on the basis if she tries to claim spousal maintenance for a child that is not mine and the fact that she has stated that she is cohabitating with another man and they have a child together.

Kind regards,


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Re: Wife falls pregnant with another man after separation.
davidterry - 20 July, 2017 10:34AM
If decree nisi has been pronounced then so far as the divorce is concerned it doesn't now matter that your wife has committed adultery. Since she is with another man and they have a baby together I doubt that she will attempting to claim maintenance for that child from you. It seems unlikely.
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