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First Steps (1 Post)
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03 July, 2017 06:18PM
First Steps
No_idea_where_to_start - 03 July, 2017 06:18PM
Evening all,

My first post so please go gentle on me!!

Was told by the OH back in December that we were separating, it hit me hard as had no idea it was coming, especially as I went away with the Royal Navy early Jan for 7 months and have only just got back, Looking back I hadn't supported her like I should have and she had enough over the ten years of marriage.

While i was away she has now moved with the kids out into one of the properties we rent out and I'm still in the house they were in before I left. It has been hard while I was away and wasn't as amicable as I was hoping, looking back it was manly me as I'm still angry about the whole thing. I messaged her before she moved out and asked her what she was taking and she told me that it wasn't much, but on returning home at weekend there seems to be a lot more missing than what she said, i got to get a list together to see exactly what she has taken.

As I'm away with the forces I get extra money so she asked for child support of £800 a month which I feel is really steep! I originally agreed as it was only the extra money i earned while i was away. I have now said that from next month I cannot afford the payments to the amount of debt I have been left with. Also while I was away I received a large financial bonus which got paid into the joint account and originally we agreed to pay some of the debt of with it (we both have credit cards in single names) and she used it all to pay all her debt off in her name. So i'm now left with the outstanding debt and it is crippling me. I've even got email traffic to say before that we would pay off certain cards with it all.

We also rent another house which the income from that is going towards the mortgage of the house she is in at the moment. Both the houses are in joint names and don't know where I stand with all of this at the moment.

I really want a clean start, i.e pay all my outstanding debt off and start a fresh.

We have two kids and so far it is going well with them spending time with me.

I also have a very good armed forces pension which I know she is entitled too.

I've got my first consolation with the solicitor tomorrow morning so will see how that goes.

When I dropped the kids off tonight she mentioned that a actuary will be getting involved, is this really necessary ?
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