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Quickest way to get divorced? (5 Posts)
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03 July, 2017 09:36AM
Quickest way to get divorced?
Steven J - 03 July, 2017 09:36AM
Hey Guys

My friend used this service: [www.egonlinedivorce.co.uk], and he said it was quite good, they were professional and they handled his whole divorce for him so that he didn't really have to do anything.

Would you guys recommend going through a service like this or through a lawyer?
Re: Quickest way to get divorced?
Andyk - 03 July, 2017 11:15AM
Its fine if you are in agreement with your other half about the divorce but you have to bear in mind that you are jut paying them to fill in the forms for you, they wot be able to offer you any advice. Also, this is just the divorce, you will still need to deal with the financial side of things which is not covered.
Re: Quickest way to get divorced?
davidterry - 03 July, 2017 02:03PM
There is no one ground for divorce which is any 'quicker' than any other. And there is no organisation which can shorten the time a divorce takes. That is because the length of time a divorce takes depends upon the courts (or, rather, these so called 'divorce units') and upon how quickly (or otherwise) both parties return paperwork.

Just as a matter of interest I have just looked at the above web site and a number of things strike me about it:-

1. 'Start your divorce now for £79' does not seem a fair representation to me. There is, after, all a court fee which is currently £550 to issue a divorce petition. To suggest (as this seems to) that it can be done for peanuts is not what I would call frank and fair dealing.

2. The small print at the bottom says they are not a law firm. So who are they? Do they have any insurance? Who holds their client money? What knowledge do they have of divorce more than Fred down the road? Their web site is vague on these issues and probably intentionally so.

3. Although they put newspaper titles on their web site being 'seen' on a newspaper doesn't imply recommendation.

The fact is that it is your money and you pay it and you take your choice.
Re: Quickest way to get divorced?
Fujifilm831 - 03 July, 2017 03:12PM
A friend of mine used a well known website not sure if I can say but it starts with wiki they used the financial advice and the "cheap" divorce options. It ended up costing a lot of money and the financial advice was no better than their online divorce calculator. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.
the finger smileyRe: Quickest way to get divorced?
Bubblegum - 03 July, 2017 04:24PM
... And ends with 'vorce' (just sayin') lol.
the finger smiley

As far as they best way to proceed and how quickly you will divorce... Well...
In my opinion one size does not fit all. My case needed a lawyer, a good lawyer who understood the implications of fraud and bankruptcy in a highly contested and acrimonious divorce. You need to consider what your case needs and your circumstances. It's unlikely they are exactly the same as those of your friend.

The best way to get a fast divorce is to make sure all the forms are completed correctly. Returned applications and incorrectly filed documents wastes a lot of time. Secondly you need to be lucky enough not to live in the Bury St Edmunds divorce centre region. The pace and back log at different divorce centres varies and your paperwork could get help up there for weeks. Ultimately, it takes as long as it takes and there isn't a fast track option. But people who are amicable seem to get a less bumpy ride.

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