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Ex Wife looking to Go Back to Court (3 Posts)
Started By:
28 June, 2017 05:02PM
Ex Wife looking to Go Back to Court
Nigelti - 28 June, 2017 05:02PM

Just after some general advice. My ex wife has been very vocal recently in threatening to take me back to court as she feels I lied to the court (which I disagree with) at the FDR hearing and seems to consider this as a mechanism to go back and ask for further money. In short, we split up and she divorced me for unreasonable behaviour. We came to a financial settlement which included spousal maintenance for a 5 year period alongside child maintenance payments and a split of assets. She has since found out about an earlier affair that I had. I had not previously told her about this as it was in the past and not relevant to the reasons for that split. This seems to be the crux of her issue and threats to return to court. While I understand the hurt about this news now coming out (and have apologised to her for that), I don't see that would constitute a reason to review the original agreement. I wondered what the process might be if she is serious about this and what I should expect next if she is serious about this?

Re: Ex Wife looking to Go Back to Court
Sam_Toucan - 28 June, 2017 05:20PM
I don't see the affair as a valid reason to review the financial split and I doubt a court would either.
Re: Ex Wife looking to Go Back to Court
Bubblegum - 28 June, 2017 07:03PM
Did she say what it is that she thinks you lied about?
It's not easy going back to court once an order has been made. She would need some pretty damning evidence about your financial disclosure not being honest.
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