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Property // Divorce (2 Posts)
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14 June, 2017 05:30PM
Property // Divorce
Steve80 - 14 June, 2017 05:30PM

I am splitting up with my wife who is happy for me to buy her half of the house, but not happy to divorce.

Is there any legal way I can make sure I don't have to buy her out now, and again down the line if/when the divorce happens?

Can a document be drawn up stating that she can only get her half of the house once?

Thanks for any information.

Re: Property // Divorce
davidterry - 16 June, 2017 04:31PM
Do not do it. If you buy her out of the house without seeking a divorce and doing it within the context of that divorce you run the risk that when you do eventually seek a divorce she will ask for more. It isn't a risk worth running. You do not need your wife's permission or co-operation in order to have a divorce. If the marriage is over you should issue a divorce petition and only pay her for her share of the house within the context of a formal and final settlement made in those divorce proceedings. If you do it in any other way you are riding for a fall.
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