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acknowledgement of service form (6 Posts)
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26 May, 2017 08:27AM
acknowledgement of service form
Alex123 - 26 May, 2017 08:27AM
Hi I am stuck on question 1c on the acknowledgement of service form:
"do you agree with the statement of the petitioner as to the grounds of jurisdiction set out in the petition? if not, please state the grounds on which you disagree with the statement of the petitioner"

what does this question mean? Thanks
Re: acknowledgement of service form
HatMan - 26 May, 2017 10:06AM
Well.it seems relatively clear.....do you agree with the reasons for the divorce yes or no and if not why not?
Re: acknowledgement of service form
Alex123 - 26 May, 2017 11:27AM
that's what I thought but ive been told by another source its to do with where you live and if the law/courts there apply to you?
Re: acknowledgement of service form
Bubblegum - 26 May, 2017 03:38PM
I stand corrected winking smiley

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Re: acknowledgement of service form
Hardyem - 26 May, 2017 08:25PM
Look, chaps, a question about jurisdiction is about jurisdiction - it's not about 'the reasons for the divorce'. It's about whether the English court has the legal right to issue a judgment on the divorce being applied for. There has to be a sufficient connection with England, and David Terry's website give full details of this. The divorce petition will have stated why the petitioner believes the English courts have the required jurisdiction. Do you agree with that - or not?
Re: acknowledgement of service form
Bubblegum - 26 May, 2017 10:02PM
Yes jurisdiction is about the court's authority. So if either of you have UK residence the court would have jurisdiction and you would answer yes.
Thank you Hardyem - I misread The post and got it all the wrong way round. *blush*
I'll shut-up now before I go and have another blonde moment!
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