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Changing reasons for divorce (3 Posts)
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17 May, 2017 08:50PM
Changing reasons for divorce
BABS - 17 May, 2017 08:50PM
I was encuraged to accept a divorce on grounds of unreasonable behaviour to speed everything up even though i didnt agree. I have now found out that the real reason was my husbands adultery although of course he hasnt admitted this. I am close to proving 90% of this with evidence to show that the reasons he gave for my behaviour were huge lies and i'd like the slate wiped clean. Can this be done? Absolute is about 3 months away.

Also, lots of my money has gtone missing and has been spent on this other woman and i want it back. What can I do?
Re: Changing reasons for divorce
davidterry - 19 May, 2017 10:04AM
If decree nisi has been pronounced you have missed the bus so far as changing the divorce petition is concerned. In any case who divorces whom for what doesn't matter in the slightest in 99% of divorces. The fact is that a marriage has either broken down beyond repair or it hasn't. That is all that really matters.

As to getting your money back that rather depends upon the details. There is a big difference, say, between stealing your purse and giving it to someone else (a matter for the police) and taking money from a joint bank account.
Re: Changing reasons for divorce
BABS - 22 May, 2017 11:05PM
There's a paper trail for the removed funds taken from a joint bank account without my knowledge with a clear attempt to hide these activities.

Ok, so i can't change the reasons for divorce but do I have a case for mental cruelty as my husband organised psychologists and counsellors to try and 'help' me dispel the thoughts I had in my head that he was being unfaithful. I spent many hours being brainwashed into believing that I was crazy, that my thought processes were unreasonable, that I needed to get my head straight and remove all negativity. I've had a year of emotional turmoil that has affected family and friends because specialists told me I was wrong.
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