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How to have a spouce removed from home (3 Posts)
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17 May, 2017 01:20PM
How to have a spouce removed from home
mhall - 17 May, 2017 01:20PM
Asking on behalf of a friend. Its all a bit complicated.....

Mr & Mrs C have been married for 3 years and have live in a house that Mrs C bought with money from a previous property (Mr C did not live in the previous property). The house is in Mrs Cs name, not Mr Cs.

He has not held a job for longer that a month at a time and has paid very little towards the bills. He has a great deal of debt that Mrs C has been trying to pay off on his behalf which has been detrimental to her credit score and has resulted in bankruptcy. Mr C is very threatening towards Mrs C and verbally abusive but not physically abusive. However Mr C hides/ moves medication Mrs C needs to take everyday along with other items, then tells her she moved it/ them and that she is loosing her memory. She is not. This only happens when Mr C is home.

Mrs C has a daughter at home from a previous relationship. Daughter is 16.

He has said he will not leave the house but that he will buy it from her. Keep in mind that he has a bankruptcy against him, no job and no money. She has asked him to leave due to his behavior but of course he is refusing. Is there anything she can do??? His behavior is erratic and worrying. Especially when there is a 16 year old at home.
Re: How to have a spouce removed from home
Molly - 17 May, 2017 09:37PM
Sounds like a case of domestic abuse to me.....perhaps Mrs C could look for support from an organisation such as saferplaces.co.uk.....at least they can give confidential advice of her options.

I was in a similar position with an ex partner who refused to leave my property despite having somewhere else to go...it was only when I spoke to the police that they suggested I was a victim of domestic abuse.....abuse doesn't need to be physical ....it can be verbal or even more subtle by being manipulative.....no-one should live in fear in their own home.

I hope Mrs C finds a solution soon for herself and her daughter.
Re: How to have a spouce removed from home
mhall - 18 May, 2017 12:03PM
At the moment he is claiming he will leave but I don't believe him.

He has gotten another new job, i really don't know how he gets them so often, and has said that he will stay in a hostel close to the new job which is about 50 miles down the road. I think that when he gets fired, which will be in about a week of two if he follows his usual pattern, he will be back expecting a bed and roof over his head.
I will pass on your reply and hope she takes your advice. I am really worried for her.

Thanks for replying x
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