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Will this ever end???? (2 Posts)
Started By:
16 May, 2017 03:43PM
Will this ever end????
james_19742000 - 16 May, 2017 03:43PM
Ok, good afternoon all!

I was on here a while back, around September when everything started happening with my hopefully soon to be ex-wife!

We agreed to separate last August, we were in rented property which was owned by my brother, we also have one 12 year old daughter together, anyway, initially I was staying in the house, sleeping on the settee, but it wasn't suitable, and I dignity want to leave the house as it is owned by my brother, so in some ways, why should I leave? Anyway, I couldnt get on with my life and I was struggling to work due to tiredness with lack of sleep from sleeping on a settee etc etc so I decided to move out, I got myself a nice little house and was starting to move on with my life, my wife said she wanted to get a divorce all sorted and move on etc

After a while I set up suitable maintenance money for my daughter, this goes direct but is all traceable through the bank etc

I had decided that I was going to stay single and get my life in order, but, around Xmas I met a woman I work with and it just works, we hadn't planned to start a relationship etc but it just happened and everything is rosy in that department, however, since then my soon to be ex-wife has now just made things difficult, the relationship with my daughter has totally broken down due to the lies and stories my ex-wife is saying to her, to the point where my daughter no longer answers the phone, replies to a text message etc all very sad and no really warranted.

My brother has allowed her to stay in the house as long as she has needed to find alternative accommodation, she wants to relocate to another area to be nearer to family, however, he has now served her with an eviction notice as he wants her out, he has decided to sell the property, I believe she is expected to be out by mid-June, she is going into Council accommodation.

Anyway, once Xmas was out of the way etc I decided to get the divorce moving forward, so I done it all online, filed for divorce, paid the fees etc, then I received the paperwork back from the court, explaining what needs to be done if she doesn't respond, she didn't respond, so I spoke to the court and they suggested that even if I can get her two acknowledge receipt of the forms, even if in the form of a text message then it can go forward etc, finally, today she has replied to a text saying 'its in the hands of her solicitor, so will be done when its done.....' is that good enough for the court to accept that she has received the forms??

More worryingly for me, is her saying it in the hands of her solicitor, she is able to claim legal aid etc, I don't know why she is using a solicitor, we have no assets, only debts in court own names, which equate roughly to the same value as each other, she has also started proceedings to go bankrupt, I have addressed my debts and have started to pay them off with the help of payment plans etc, so I'm confused as to why she is saying a solicitor?? No assets, similar debts, i walked away as that was what she wanted, i didn't take anything from the house except personal belongings i.e. clothes, paperwork etc so in many ways I feel that I have been more than reasonable and in many ways in my view have rolled over and had my tummy tickled to enable a simple fuss free divorce.

I did also find out shortly after we split that she had been unfaithful many times, with several different people, she had been lying about where she was and wasn't going, no only lying to me, but to other members of her family etc, I haven't mentioned any of this as I felt it wasn't fair, to drag dirty washing through public, but the more and more I get frustrated by it all the more things like this feel like they want to come out!

It can be so easy, straight forward, separation, split, divorce, divide property etc etc job done!

What should I do from here to end thus nightmare!??!?!!?!?!?!?

Thanks in advance.
Re: Will this ever end????
blackbeltuk - 31 May, 2017 10:12AM
I'm in the same boat as you. With my soon to be ex phoning the family court last week saying she's seeking legal advice.
there saying I can carry on the divorce. we have no assets and been separated over 7 years now. Hope all works out for you.
Regards Ricky
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