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ex-husband's debt (7 Posts)
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15 May, 2017 06:41AM
ex-husband's debt
ValMc - 15 May, 2017 06:41AM
My ex-husband and I separated in June 2015 and our divorce was finalised in February 2016. During the course of our relationship he ran up massive debts, and upon the sale of my home (I owned it before I met him) I gave him just short of £130,000 in October 2015. By November 2015, he declared on his court form that he had assets of £65000 with debts of 9000, I have a Consent Order and at the time the absolute came through I informed Experian that our finances were no longer joined and they removed him from my credit file. I have now received a phone call from a debt collection agency and a call from Barclaycard chasing him for an eBay debt and a late payment plus fee on his Barclaycard. The debt collection agency were ok with me giving them his new address and mobile number but Barclaycard wouldn't as I am not the account holder. Does anyone know how I can get these people off my back? I am pretty certain that I am not liable for them because of the Consent Order but I suspect I will be getting more phone calls from other debtors as he has clearly spent all the money. Any advice would be very welcome. BTW I kept the same phone number when I moved to my new home.

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Re: ex-husband's debt
jill_of_all_trades - 15 May, 2017 06:45PM
Not sure Experian shares information efficiently with it's competitors. Suggest you find out who they are and give them the same information. Don't engage collection agencies in discussion. Just tell them you divorced in 2016 and are not liable for your ex husband's debts. Tell them you would be grateful if they did not call again and put the phone down.
Re: ex-husband's debt
Bubblegum - 15 May, 2017 08:29PM
The debts are in his sole name so they can not be enforced against you. He is not named on your new home, they can only secure their debts against assets held in his name. Best to write to all the main credit referencing agencies and have your records updated.
Re: ex-husband's debt
HatMan - 16 May, 2017 07:15AM
In a bizarre way I would actually enjoy getting those calls as it would give me a great clue regarding how bad his life had become since the split! - In any event as others say you can safely ignore calls and make sure that any credit agencies are fully updated re your non mutual status.
Re: ex-husband's debt
ValMc - 16 May, 2017 07:59AM
Thank you for your replies - it is a relief. HatMan - yes and no - I spent 14 out of the 16 years we were together worrying about his debts - thought I was past all of that but just goes to show that a leopard can rarely change his spots!!! I have spent a couple of sleepless nights but I did speak to Barclaycard again last night and they have said they will contact him to ask him to update his details.
Re: ex-husband's debt
Andyk - 16 May, 2017 02:21PM
I agree with HatMan, I take great pleasure in seeing my ex's comments on Facebook saying things like "Is it payday yet?" and being invited out and her having to say "Can we do it at the beginning of the month Hun?"

Karma takes many forms.
Re: ex-husband's debt
ValMc - 16 May, 2017 02:38PM
It certainly does. However I am worried because the idiot hasn't realized that he is still paying for my monthly Gardeners World Magazine, and his life insurance policy - I am the owner of the policy and the beneficiary but the direct debit comes out of his bank account. Every month the magazine pops through the door I smile!!! If the cash has run out he may start checking his bank account (but I doubt it) and realize!!!
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