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Financials (6 Posts)
Started By:
12 May, 2017 10:51AM
wolv3rene - 12 May, 2017 10:51AM
About to divorce and settle.

Just some advice required on my settlement terms.
Been married 20 years
Wife cheated on me with another guy, then not happy with that one came back and then we split again when she went off with another guy, shes now living in his house that is paid for.

Both mid 40s, 2 kids 1 is 22 and the other 17, the 17 year old lives with mum and the 22 has moved away.

I wish to sell the house and start fresh.
I put over £12500 deposit on the house when bought and she assisted with £2500
Total deposit is £15000

House offer was £137000 which I accepted
Equity £68000

We owned the house for 1 year before she cheated and then came back for a further couple of years and then left again.

I wish to claim back £10000 deposit and give her £5000 of it.
Then split the remaining funds 50/50 up until a point when she again left the house.

I have paid for pretty much everything during our times together in the house for 4 years, before that I was a stay at home dad for well over 10 years.
The £10000 was a loan from my mother, will I certainly get that back as her solicitor is fighting for it and threatening court action at a cost of £5000 each, seems ridiculous for what is realistically £5000 more so that I can buy a new home, she will just blow her 50% as the home she is in is paid for and she always desired to rent for some reason.
Any advice would be great.

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Re: Financials
davidterry - 12 May, 2017 02:36PM
>>I wish to claim back £10000 deposit and give her £5000 of it.
Then split the remaining funds 50/50 up until a point when she again left the house.

You are wasting your time. By any reckoning this is a long marriage. Who paid what towards the deposit is, on these figures, water well and truly under the bridge.
Re: Financials
wolv3rene - 01 June, 2017 07:13PM
Further update
I was offered 3250 on top of my 50/50 but had to accept within 21 days or the offer would be withdrawn.

My solicitor replied to state we would accept but further negotiations would be needed as there was a credit card bill not mentioned so we replied stating this.
My wife has now withdrawn and threatening court action because I didn't agree to her terms.

Can she really just take me to court without talking about this, I didn't think a court would deal with things so swiftly, I'm happy to communicate and work things out but it looks like her or her solicitor is after blood.
Taking me to court over a few thousand quid seems ridiculous, but I can see her solicitor will make a few quid out of it.
Re: Financials
HatMan - 01 June, 2017 08:19PM
On the other side of the coin..resisting it for a few thousand is equally ridiculous.
Re: Financials
Bubblegum - 01 June, 2017 08:53PM
Have you tried mediation. I think it works well for people who are close to a deal but still need to iron out the finer details. Threatening court action over such a small matter doesn't make sense unless it is just a threat to make you play ball. Have you considered making a counter offer with your terms? There is nothing swift about the court process and it is likely that you will attend a MIAM before she can apply to court.

I always find it odd when people with solicitors ask these sorts of questions because surely your solicitor has all the facts and can give you a professional informed view. There's really no substitute for this. What advice has you solicitor given you?
Re: Financials
wolv3rene - 02 June, 2017 07:21AM
None really, I sometimes wonder why I don't switch but then think I've spent so much time with this one that I might as well continue.

Since she's living in a fully paid for house I think she's just being cruel to eat up all the cash I invested in the house so that I can't afford to buy a new place, she just turned bitter after cheating on me I requested a divorce as she wanted to still keep me as security and have her fun while still married.

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