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Cheating wife trying to rob me (6 Posts)
Started By:
02 May, 2017 03:04PM
Cheating wife trying to rob me
John86 - 02 May, 2017 03:04PM
me and my wife were married for less than a year and she decided to have an affair with a co-worker. Two weeks into the affair, she told me everything. She told me I could have everything at the time and promised she wouldn’t go to a solicitor. One month later I found out she was a few weeks pregnant with his baby. she still agreed to not go through solicitors and wanted to try and be amicable as possible, so she said. After having her love child I received a call from her telling me she now wants to go through solicitors and try to get money from our home. I have been paying our mortgage for 2 years since we separated and had paid £15k of our joint debt in that time as she said she couldn’t afford it.
I have now £41k debt remaining 50% being joint. I have already paid off £15k during our separation.
she only has £15k debt that is on her credit cards/loans etc.
The house has £120k equity.
I earn more than she does and put in x3 more into the house than she did so surely she won’t be entitled to anything.
As I said it was a short marriage. She is the adulterer and she agreed via text and email I could have the house.
we are both a similar age and have no children together. Where do you think I stand? Is she entitled anything?
Re: Cheating wife trying to rob me
single_and_happy - 02 May, 2017 06:52PM
Don't give in. Given the short marriage she is at most entitled to what she put in and any increase in house value should be split 50/50. Are you 100% sure the baby is not yours? Look into DNA testing...
Re: Cheating wife trying to rob me
John86 - 03 May, 2017 06:30AM
I'm worried because she is living with parents with her kid and she's not with her fella anymore. . It's definitely not mine we didn't have sex for months before we broke up. That's the last thing I need is csa payments. We used her money for socialising and food shopping because she didn't get paid enough. So really she's entitled to nothing... since buying the house it's gone up 50% in value.
If this went to court would the judge see her for who she really is and award her nothing? I have a pension of about 20k. Can she get that?
Re: Cheating wife trying to rob me
davidterry - 03 May, 2017 11:09AM
You refer to 'our' mortgage so I assume the house is jointly owned. If that is the case you are wrong that she is entitled to nothing. If the house is jointly owned I would be surprised if she doesn't ask for half and she has very justification in doing so.
Re: Cheating wife trying to rob me
John86 - 03 May, 2017 12:35PM
cheers for your reply davidterry. It is jointly owned. you said she is justified to ask for half, so even though it was a very short marriage and she prettty much didn't put anything in financially?
Re: Cheating wife trying to rob me
davidterry - 04 May, 2017 08:08AM
Whether she put anything financially or not you bought the property jointly and it is in joint names. What was the point of putting it into joint names if the intention was not that it should be jointly owned?
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